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About us

Hello!!! We are happy to see you at the Philosopher Cat website for the Maine Coon cattery. Our cattery is relatively young, but rapidly growing. Over the past time, grandiose work have been conducted on the creation of the site, on the selection of animals for the breeding program, and for research on this amazing breed that doesn't leave anybody indifferent!

Our animals aren't locked away somewhere away from us. They live with us as full-fledged members of the family, with us and our children. Beloved and well-petted, they are content with their lives. All our feline children receive veterinary care. We place special emphasis on proper, balanced nutrition and vitamins. We've put up all sorts of play areas and climbing frames to promote their physical development.

We live in a picturesque place in the Moscow Region in a village with the promising name of Novyi Byt, or "New Life." Fresh air, a pond, the river, and surrounded by the woods outside Moscow. Beauty and serenity...”We” are: Alexander, my husband (who supports me in all kinds of ways, both morally and financially), my daughter Julia (she helps me meet the needs of our feline companions by playing with them, and cleaning and combing them) and I, Ksenia (the initiator of all this madness).


The job of a breeder is not as simple as it seems at first glance. A lot of effort, time, and money goes into the cattery. Our goal is to improve, develop, and ensure the maintenance of the distinctive features of the Maine Coon pedigree. To pass these on from generation to generation, from father to son, from mother to daughter. If you are interested in our feline farm, we will be glad to answer your questions. Call us, or drop us a line. We'll be happy to respond to everyone!!!





There are frequent rumors about Maine Coon cats that weigh 15 kg. Maybe this will disappoint someone or the other, but this is pure fantasy

20 января 2014
About Maine coon

The name Maine Coon comes from the American state of Maine and the word "coon" (from the English raccoon). Why a raccoon? Because one legend has it that the Maine Coon came from the mating of a raccoon with a cat.

In fact, the Maine Coon cat breed appeared in the northern regions of the United States by crossbreeding the local cats with European longhairs who were brought to America by settlers. And maybe a lot sooner, by the Vikings.


The impressive size of the Maine Coon owes less to the efforts of breeders and more to the difficult conditions they had to survive in. The harsh climate of the northern regions of America, with cold rains and storms, and the no less harsh life of the first settlers, with whom these cats shared all the hardships that came with their new location, gave birth to an undemanding, hardy and beautiful breed of cats—the Maine Coon. The fact that the Maine Coon became the nation pride of the United States of America makes complete sense. As regards the nature of the Maine Coon, I can say this, and that is that this is the only breed of cat where the selection pertains not only to external features, but also to the character traits of the cat. As a result, the Maine Coon on the one hand resembles a wild predator in the forest with its striped colors and sufficiently large size (the males weigh 6-10 kg, and the females – 4-7 kg.), with tufts of hair in their ears like lynxes, with round, slanting eyes and long (equal to the length of their bodies) tails. On the other hand, it is a gentle, psychologically balanced animal that relates well to people. Of course, each cat has a different personality, just like people do. But in our cattery, you can buy a Maine Coon just like those that are described in the classical (feline) literature.


It's important that I mention the fact that in addition to their fabulous appearance, and their fur which requires very little care, and their devoted nature, the Maine Coon is an excellent companion for any family, since it coexists in peace not only with people, but also with dogs and other animals.

Funny, smart (sometimes sly), curious, sociable, playful, not aggressive, clean in their habits. They are really unusual!!!




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